Jesus Mº Arzuaga – Archivo municipal de Oñati (Oñatiko Udal Artxiboa)

Since 1935

The managerial group Ezpeleta was established in 1935 in Oñati (Guipúzcoa) where it started activity as a rain umbrella factory.

In 1954, looking to expand, members of the second generation of the family moved to Vigo where new production facilities were launched.

Since then, the company has continuously grown, not only in terms of facilities, but also in terms of its range of products. For this reason, in 1988, Ezpeleta started to build the factory that is now the biggest of the group, located in Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal).


Ezpeleta is now a 100% family owned group of companies.

During the last years, the company has achieved an important increase in sales, encouraging its current growth and expansion process.

Ezpeleta has 2 factories in Spain, 2 in Portugal and strategic partnerships in Europe and Asia.

About 160 people work in Ezpeleta’s team across Europe, America and Asia, combining more than 75 years of history and experience with the desire for innovation from the younger generation, the management team currently comprising the
third generation of the family, together with
professionals coming from other industries.

Ezpeleta produces in Europe and Asia. The whole manufacturing process from the beginning to the end is controlled by our own teams.


Customer satisfaction

Ezpeleta business project is based on innovation and continuous change to meet the market demands. Open communication and commitment to the business allow us to focus on continuous change so we can fulfill our main goal, that is, customer satisfaction.

Our more than 3000 clients have made the largest contribution to our success and through innovation we offer our customer a better service and product. We have customers in more than 12 countries due to our diversification of our product and business lines.

For more information, visit the website of Ezpeleta Group.