Wedding umbrella, a complement in your wedding styling. 19 May, 2016 – Posted in: News

The wedding season begins and with it, all the preparations that this great day entails. The choice of clothing, footwear, lingerie, jewelry, umbrella, flower bouquet, makeup and hair, the ceremony, the banquet, guests … A long list of tasks to do for this day, that will be remembered by all as a special day.

We believe that a good choice of accessories and the details surrounding the ceremony can make this day unforgettable. The selection of those accessories will determine the style of the bride, giving a personal touch and making her feel comfortable and safe.

Although all things are well planned in advance, not everything is in our hands ,and even if we want to have a beautiful day, blue sky and bright sunshine, you cannot predict the weather and sometimes it rains. We should take in into account, and not leave it to improvisation, as it could ruin the image that has been prepared with such care!

Therefore Ezpeleta takes care of brides and proposes different styles for that special day.



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On one hand we have the Ezpeleta High Quality (# S75H08) collection umbrella, handmade in our workshop. It is a special umbrella, classic and timeless style, produced in limited edition. Perfectly finished with special attention to details. Slightly larger than usual, thought to cover two people, or for her only, so if it rains the dress won´t get wet. We offer a choice between white or ivory fabric, the handle is pearl colored and the ribs are fiberglass which makes it lighter and gives windproof function.


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Moreover, we also propose an umbrella with a more modern look. This clear umbrella with white piping, is made of PVC with a structure in fiberglass, champagne colored aluminum frame and clear handle. Slightly dome shape from Ezpeleta brand (# 10764). Being such a lightweight umbrella, it fits perfectly with any style and will give a different, fun and distinctive touch to the photo shoot.