The parasol is a fashion accessory again. 22 May, 2018 – Posted in: News

The parasol has a long history that goes back to ancient China and Japan. A distinctive accessory of nobility and royalty, it was a symbol of wealth and power. It arrived to Egypt and Assyria through the Silk Road and later to Rome and Greece, where it became an essential luxury fashion item for every woman of high lineage. After falling into oblivion with the fall of the Roman Empire, it resurfaced in France, Italy and England as a fashion accessory in female circles of the aristocracy. However, when Coco Channel made tanning fashionable, it stopped being so popular.


Today, it is not uncommon to see the parasol in European cities, where oriental tourists protect their clear complexion from the sun. Little by little, fashion has spread and more aware of the importance of protecting our skin, we dare to open the uparasol on sunny days.

That’s how we have seen Ana, wearing an Ezpeleta parasol in her blog Hendaye Style, where she shares her vision of Slow Style. Ana talks about fashion and styling, the importance of self-care and emotional development and how to enhance our style and look.

We share woth you the link to her post How to reduce the spots on the skin in which Ana tells us how to protect from the sun without refusing fashion. You can also follow Ana on her Instagram account @HendayeStyle.


Ana with a Ezpeleta parasol (in long format on the left and in folding format on the right) as part of her outfit.