New umbrella collection Catalina Estrada for Ezpeleta. 24 July, 2018 – Posted in: News



The new collection of umbrellas Catalina Estrada for Ezpeleta reflects a hurricane of leaves, flowers, birds, tigers and jaguars that transports us back to the universe of Catalina’s chilhood



Enter Catalina’s world and an entirely unique cromatic cosmos will unfold before you



Inmerse yourself in this enthralling tropical universe and discover the lush simphony of leaves, flowers, hummingbirds and jaguars to feel nature beating in your own heart”



“As a child I noticed how the trees grazed the sky. Closer, from its core, I understood that nature has no limits. The branches become roots that cling to the sky and the roots in branches embracing the Earth. The whole universe is pierced by an unstoppable force.”



“Every time it rained, I did not lose the chance to go out with my colourful umbrella to contemplate that reunion. Maybe that’s why my memory’s path always returns to nature”



“Universes of lines and contours that interweave ecosystems of living forms. Colours ready to start flowing through the veins of nature to the rhythm of your own heart”



“A symphony of inexhaustible sounds is the one that nourishes the texture of my imagination. Above of it the toucans, the monkeys, the leaves, the moss, the flamingos, the tigers, the rabbits and the stars are drawn”


“With these umbrellas you’ll colour your rainy days with that dense universe of geometric forms, organic silhouettes and magical and wonderful animals”