Ezpeleta on Basque Luxury Magazine, Premium umbrellas made in the Basque Country. 25 February, 2019 – Posted in: News

Since last January, the most exclusive tourism experiences offered by Euskadi have already been printed and available, thanks to Basque Luxury association which brings together luxury tourism companies.

The magazine, which was presented at the Aquarium de Donostia proposes among its pages the best in fashion, crafts, activities, art, gastronomy …

In addition to the printed Basque Luxury Magazine, which can be purchased at Elkar, the digital version is available on a platform from which guests of more than 1,000 hotels around the world and passengers of nine airlines can download it for free.

Basque Luxury selects annually establishments of the Basque Country that meet standards of excellence for all those interested in visiting the territory. Ezpeleta, with its range of Ezpeleta High Quality umbrellas, is one of those that fulfills this premise, putting in value the handmade production of its high-end umbrellas, 100% manufactured in Oñati, Gipuzkoa



Basque Luxury Magazine 2019

EZPELETA Pages. 26-27


Basque Luxury Magazine article


Ezpeleta, protecting us from rain since 1935


Everyone has one. They’re one of those things that have been with us for thousands of years and have hardly changed in appearance. They’ve been used for centuries to protect against the sun and the rain. That is well known at Ezpeleta, an umbrella company located in Oñati that has manufactured these accessories –so common in Basque culture– since 1935.

Long, foldable, automatic, manual, anti-wind… At Ezpeleta they design and manufacture an endless array of models – one for every type of rainy day. The brand has five umbrella collections, five ways to experience the rain, for men, women, and children and crafted with different finishes, materials, and sizes. Amongst their collections, the Ezpeleta High Quality line stands out. This is their premium line that is manufactured in a traditional way using the best materials available on the market. Italian jacquard fabrics and noble woods such as walnut, rattan, and bamboo from the Island of Java are some of the materials used in the manufacture of this high-end product. This is their best bet in terms of local, handcrafted manufacturing, tradition, and passion for a product that is both timeless and elegant. It goes without saying that here at BASQUE LUXURY, we have put our trust in this brand to manufacture our BASQUE LUXURY WEATHER accompaniment umbrellas, used in our fleet of luxury vehicles.

At present, the firm has a team of master umbrella craftswomen with extensive knowledge on their craft that works alongside a young, dynamic, and creative group of individuals. The entire process is carried out at their Oñati factory: from the design phase to the selection of materials and product manufacturing.

Ezpeleta umbrellas, in addition to traditional sales channels, can now be purchased online through different marketplaces. They are also working on launching their own e-commerce site, so that clients from anywhere in the world can acquire fine umbrellas that are made in the Basque Country and, thus, turn their rainy days into true delights.

While the group came to be in 1935 in Oñati, with the aim of increasing the size of their business project, members of the family’s second generation moved in 1954 to Vigo, where a new factory was built. Further south, at Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal, what is today the group’s largest factory was built at the end of the 1980s. Thanks to this factory, the company has become one of the main manufacturers of outdoor furniture, sunshades, and umbrellas on a worldwide level.


Ezpeleta Rain

Garibai Auzoa 10, Oñati.

Tel.: +34 943 781 227