Ezpeleta Hand Parasol | 22 UPF50+ PROTECTION 13 June, 2022 – Posted in: News

Personal care, especially skin protection, is becoming more and more important to us. To that end, Ezpeleta presents one more year the hand umbrella with UPF50+ sun protection, in addition to blocking up to 97,5% of UV rays. At Ezpeleta we paid special attention to the development of this product and its design.

It is said that the skin has memory and so it is, sun exposure accumulates day by day, and it happens every time we are under the sun. Clothing and accessories such as hand umbrellas are our first line of defense against ultraviolet rays.

An umbrella with UPF50+ sun protection not only blocks up to 97,5 % of UV rays, but also keeps us in the shade, helping us to stay cooler and more sheltered.

In addition, we want to highlight its dual functionality, since the fabric has a waterproof treatment that allows us to use it also as an umbrella on rainy days.

The Ezpeleta 2022 collection umbrellas stand out for their four summer colors. Fresh colors such as blue and green, completing the assortment with warm tones such as coral orange and yellow.

Product features:

  • Fabric with UPF50+ sun protection, certified by AS/NZS 4399, blocks up to 97,5% UV rays
  • High Quality materials with special care in matte and opaque finished, to avoid sun glare
  • Fabric density that reinforces protection from the sun by shading
  • Wind resistant fiberglass rods
  • Two types of frame: long (#10084) and folding (#10016)
  • Lightweight product #10084: 280gr / #10016: 260gr