Interview on Radio Euskadi —”… a good umbrella stands out for the quality of its materials”

Radio Euskadi called to our offices last August 28th. They wanted to know more about our hand umbrellas with UVA protection (#10079, #10009) and their use today. We also talked about the influence of fashion and its trends when designing an umbrella. We are left with a phrase that sums up very well what the Ezpeleta brand offers to the market “… a good umbrella stands out for the quality of its materials and then there…

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This summer protect yourself from the sun with the Ezpeleta sun umbrella!

We are increasingly aware of the danger of overexposure to the sun and therefore Ezpeleta launches an umbrella with UVA protection, with a timeless design, discreet and summery, combining the best materials and finishes on the market. Also this season we incorporate the umbrella in a foldable format, so you can take it anywhere and so be protected when you need. The fabric of the umbrella has a special treatment that blocks up to 98%…

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