Report on Eitb, Ahora Verano – “Ezpeleta is one of the few umbrella manufacturers in Spain and Europe.”

  Last Thursday we had the pleasure of receiving in our facilities the Eitb television program Ahora Verano. The program conducted by Adela González, deals with social issues and we talked about the manufacture of an umbrella in our workshop in Oñati, Gipuzkoa. Ezpeleta has been manufacturing artisanal umbrellas uninterruptedly since 1935. Nowadays, is one of the few manufacturers remaining in Spain and in Europe. During the interview we were able to see every step of…

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Report on EiTB —Ezpeleta High Quality artisan umbrellas.

Note: Video in Spanish   A few weeks ago, the Teleberri team of EiTB (Basque public television) was in our Oñati factory recording how we make the artisan umbrellas of our Ezpeleta High Quality collection. We talked about the importance of a good structure, the design and fine workmanship that make the umbrella a fashion accessory, a great ally in rainy days. We leave you with the report!      

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