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Easter holiday is near and many of us take advantage of these days to make a break. There are those who look for the so craved sun and beach. Others prefer the mountain or city tourism. Nevertheless, we would all like to find a good time in our destination, but, as this is not always the case, there should always be an umbrella in our luggage.

As we don´t have many days, we try to carry a light luggage, with the indispensable: a suitcase, a backpack … Choosing what we are going to take and preparing the suitcase is an art and a headache for more than one. The ideal umbrella? The folding, the smallest and lightest possible one.

Ezpeleta Rain paraguas plegables

Although umbrellas can have the same appearance as 50 years ago, in terms of materials and mechanisms there has been a great evolution and nowadays we can find different styles and materials adapted to the needs of each client


Ezpeleta offers a wide range of folding umbrellas and depending on the material with which are made, umbrellas can stand out for one function or another.

Steel umbrellas are an example, characterized for their robustness, which make them very resistant and durable. For those looking for something lighter, we have aluminum umbrellas, which combined with a structure of fiberglass rods, are more resistant to gusts of wind.



In Ezpeleta’s catalog we can find folding umbrellas between 230-580 gr of weight and 16-49 cm long once folded. Our travel umbrella par excellence is the reference 10001, which weighs 230 gr, little more than a mobile phone, and measures 16 cm when folded, so that it fits perfectly into a handbag.

For those of you lucky enough to find sun in your destination, we also have hand umbrellas with UPF 50+ solar protection, which offers total protection against UVA rays, while at the same time, when faced with an occasional downpour, it also acts as an umbrella.


Remember that if you travel by plane it’s forbidden to carry a long umbrella as carry-on luggage. The folding umbrella is accepted, but you will have to carry it inside the unbilled suitcase, backpack or purse that you carry. The measures of the cabin suitcase vary with different airlines, but usually, they are 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, including handles and wheels. In terms of weight, the limit for a suitcase is typically 10 kg, but check with the company with which you travel, as each has its own regulations.