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In May 26th, Zuriñe and Nico were married in Donostia’s Santa Maria Basilica with an Ezpeleta bridal umbrella, handcrafted in our Oñati’s factory. Alex Iturralde, a regular contributor to Ezpeleta, was the official wedding photographer. Zuriñe tells us about the moments before the ceremony.


“After months of  wedding preparations, taking care of all the details, the dress, the shoes, the hairstyle, the makeup, the bouquet, the rings, the location, the ceremony, the banquet, the guest list …  Every thing seems to be under control until the night before the wedding the thunders woke you up, you lean out of the window and you find out a spectacular storm. After a cloudy sunrise the weather forecast indicates rain for your wedding day “



“We decided to celebrate the ceremony in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Donostia. Located in the heart of the Old Town and under the Urgull mountain, at the crossroads of Calle Mayor and Calle 31 de Agosto, it’s the oldest church in the city”.



“Nico waited for me at the church’s doors with a handcrafted bridal umbrella, with our names embroidered on it”



“I arrived from the street 31 August in a classic car and there was Nico”


Photos: Alex Iturralde


All the details count. The bridal umbrella is an accessory that besides protecting us from the rain can complete our look, adapting it to our style and the chosen dress.


Ezpeleta manufactures in its Oñati’s workshop handmade bridal umbrellas of limited edition, with materials and finishes of quality. It is a large umbrella that covers the couple. It has a pearly fist and a champagne-colored mount, with wind-resistant fiberglass rods. The satin fabric, with raw color and a with tie detail as ribbon closure, can be embroidered with the names of the fiancée and fiancé .