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The MINIMIL umbrellas, created in collaboration with Ezpeleta, aim to dress winter with a touch of elegance, protecting us from the rain in our daily lives.

To cover up. Take cover. Protect yourself.



Autumn-Winter 2021 Collection

Available online and in MINIMIL stores

For the Autumn-Winter 2021 season, MINIMIL x Ezpeleta has created a careful collection in shades of brown, navy blue and black, in addition to the transparent model. The minimalist designs adapt to all cabinets, regardless of gender and style, and are the perfect complement to adapt to different climates. We have manufactured these umbrellas using traditional techniques, with noble materials such as bamboo from the island of Java and Italian jacquares, thus creating a sober, elegant and sophisticated look.


Embracing both brands’ commitment to origin, craft, craftsmanship and quality of materials, the key focus of the collaboration has been to create quality, timeless pieces to withstand the harshest winters.

Discover the first MINIMIL umbrella collection, inspired by the rain that is a symbol of our land.



Founded in 1977 by Contxu Uzkudun, MINIMIL was born to dress the new Basque woman of the seventies. A disciple of the Cristóbal Balenciaga school, she began her adventure with the production of garments called New Basque Style that are synonymous with elegance and modernity from the Basque sensibility. The garments they design are made with the highest quality materials that naturally enhance women. MINIMIL’s Basque roots lead it to create elegant models, but also capable of adapting to an active lifestyle.

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